Deepika Radhakrishnan




Deepika (Dee) is a professional, development-driven Registered Psychologist with holistic approaches. Dee has over 16 years of professional involvement in the betterment of her clients across geographies.

While her initial interests lie in the field of science and journalism, her passion towards the field was a driving force to help complete her Master degree in Psychology. Following her education, she trained to be a developmental child therapist and started a school in India for children with special needs. During this time, she had opportunities to serve children and families across geographies, continents and cultures; before she permanently moved to Australia.

She has specialised interests in assessment and treatment planning for complex ASD presentation, ADHD, and related behavioural conditions. She is competent in the assessment of intellectual skills and achievement using relevant tests. Her other proficiencies lie in the eclectic treatment of childhood anxiety and related disorders, as well as social-emotional regulation in children.

She has certifications in SCERTS® (multidisciplinary framework addressing challenges faced by ASD children), HANDLE® (neurodevelopment approach to treating various disorders), certified RBT® (Registered Behaviour Technician), and Play Therapy (with emphasis on brain training, art and drama therapy). This varied training has helped Dee look at any child’s presentation holistically and beyond the symptoms exhibited.

Dee is multilingual, fluent in 5 other Indian languages other than English making her communicate effectively, be culturally sensitive and establish rapport very quickly with families. She has given multiple presentations at schools, pre-schools, and parent groups in areas of Early Intervention and Behaviour management.

She has presented papers at international conferences and conducted citywide research in India. She also is in the process of finetuning a screening tool for ‘Sensory processing and Social Skills’ as well as the creation of an ‘Expected Reality checklist’ for families.

She enjoys writing poetry and is an occasional blogger.